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Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is a safe and effective method of eliminating all types of allergies and sensitivities including food substances, environmental, and emotional. The technique was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad (S. C., L.Ac., RN, PHd. MD.) many years ago. She used principles from both Eastern and Western Medicine to come up with NAET. Prior to her discovery there was no way for a person to actually get over an allergy. Patients were told to either avoid the allergen completely or were given drugs to suppress their symptoms.

What is an allergy?

When an allergic reaction has developed, it means the nervous and immune systems in the body are reacting to substances in the environment as if they were toxic, when they really may be either neutral or beneficial to the body. The person's own body is creating symptoms. It's an inappropriate response to the item. The brain perceives the item as a threat and tells the body to react against it, creating an inappropriate immune response. NAET turns that inappropriate response off. When the brain perceives an item to be an allergen it creates blockages in the meridian system in an effort to protect the body from what it perceives to be a harmful substance. These blockages create the symptoms. A person whose allergy to chocolate causes a blockage in the liver meridian gets a headache, in the stomach meridian gets a stomach ache, in the kidney meridian gets a rash, and in the large intestine meridian gets diarrhea. The person whose allergy causes blockages in many merdians at once gets severe fatigue. The quantity of blockages determines the severity of the symptoms, but the underlying mechanism is the same. Allergies cause blockages in the merdian system and this, in turn, causes symptoms.

How does NAET work?

The electromagnetic blockages in the meridians are altered with the NAET treatment, neutralizing and eliminating the allergic response. A chemical, enzymatic, and physiologic change occurs, which neutralizes the immune mediators and interrupts the antigen-antibody reaction. This clears the energy blockages and notifies the brain that the allergen has been desensitized.

Who can benefit?

NAET can be used safely with anyone. There are veternarians who do these treatments on animals. With children and infants I do not use needles. I stimulate the acupuncture points with my finger or a laser. With adults I encourage needles because the person also gets the benefit of an acupuncture treatment as well as the allergy desensitization.

What is a treatment like?

I will use Kineseology to determine what food or environmental substances you have a sensitivity to. Your input plus MRT (muscle response testing) will indicate what items need to be cleared and which meridians have the blockage. You will hold a vial of the energetic signature of the substance you are being treated for. For example, it could be eggs, milk, cats, tree pollen, etc. Then we can remove the blockage by putting pressure on acupuncture points adjacent to the spine while you breathe in certain ways. I'll then stimulate additional acupuncture points (with or without needles). You'll lie and relax for 20 minutes. After 24 hours, once energy has flowed through all the meridians, the blockage is removed and energy is allowed to flow freely through the meridians again. You are no longer allergic to the substance.

How many treatments does it take?

Only one allergen is treated per visit, although there are some items that are appropriate to being treated together, eg. minerals, grains, and trees.

Are the results permanent?

The NAET organization indicates an 80-90% success rate. I've seen exceptional results in my practice. It's even been successful on individuals who indicated their allergy shots never worked. In the 23 years I have been doing this modality I've had approximately 10 individuals return as their symptoms were starting to come back. The desenstization usually lasts at least 7 years. Some treatments can last a lifetime.

Learn more

To learn more you can read Dr. Nambudripad's book "Say Goodbye to Illness", which you can either borrow or purchase from our office. This book gives an overview of the technique, how she discovered it, how and why it works, and many examples of problems it has helped. For more information go to



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