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Bioresonance Frequencies

Everything in our universe is made up of pure energy.  Energy is differentiated by the frequency at which it vibrates and the information it carries. It all happens at the atomic and subatomic levels referred to as Quantum Mechanics. Physical matter is just a lower vibration and more dense than thoughts or feelings.

Now think of what it is like to feel the best you ever felt. Now recall what it was like when you felt sick or unwell. Notice how quickly you could switch your experience from one to the other. In truth it can happen this way. Quantum physics has revealed that the difference between these two experiences is simply a switch in the electrical flow through the body. Electrical flow is measured through frequency. By changing your frequency, it is possible to achieve many changes in body, mind, and spirit. Your energetic signature is changed by resonating with harmonizing frequencies. Balance and feelings of wellness can be achieved either in my office, the comfort of your home, or you can receive them as you go about your day or during sleep.

The energetic testing is based on quantum biofeedback. It uses your voice, picture, date of birth and name to assess your vibrational signature. Your frequency is then compared to a database of frequencies that have been preprogrammed into the biofeedback system. We can then see where you are out of balance in body, mind and spirt. We can start by viewing your biofield like your aura, chakras, and meridians, moving through emotions and brain anatomy. We can look at your physical body analyzing it with energetic frequencies of organs, body systems, glands, and spinal energy to name just a few of numerous areas. We can dig deep and see patterns leading to issues like addiction, blood pressure, pain, ant-aging, and stress relief, to name but a few. For those who want to work on emotional or spiritual issues we can delve into those areas encouraging higher levels of consciousness.

I love working with this technology! It helps me support my clients by using 21st century state of the art tools while honoring my energetic roots in TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is not unlike TCM which is based on vital life force energy in and around the body that we call Qi. The goal of acupuncture is to create a change within the energy meridians in the body. Quantum biofeedback frequencies are used in a similar way to evoke this change in the electromagnetic field of the body, hence impacting all aspects of the body itself. This is so exciting! The field of the individual is being presented with high frequency vibrations. Let the innate intelligence of your body easily receive information to help it operate at peak capacity, encouraging joyful health on all levels.

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